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Tradition: Theravada, Vipassana Meditation (Mahasi Sayadaw tradition), Learning And Training Centre Of Theoritical And Practical Dhamma Of Buddha. Affiliation: Ariyagiri Piyadassi Vipassana Meditation Centre Phone: 8974181432 E-mail: Website: Find on: Main Contact: Ven. Suman Jyoty Thera Email (Phone: +918974181432) Teacher: Vipassanacariya Tejabangsha Mahathera Spiritual Director: Ven. Ashin Khemika Bhikkhu Notes and Events: Ariyagiri Piyadassi Vipassana Meditation Centre আর্য্যগিরী প্রীয়দর্শী বিদর্শন ভাবনা কেন্দ্র is a learning and training centre, which the Mizoram Bhikkhu Sangha are trying to make. When we MBS were searching land for this centre, the villager people asked us to accept their land. Which we named it Ariyagiri Hill আর্য্যগিরী সুগ, its a large place about 16 acre of land. Actually here in Mizoram have another Meditation Centre which follows Sayagi U Ba Kin technique. Also we thought we should try Mahasi Sayadaw Technique as well. So we are making this centre for those who want to try Mahasi Sayadaw method. Finally thanks for visiting our page, and we welcome all to this Centre.



  • I am Suman Jyoty Bhante, a Buddhist monk from Mizoram, a small state in northeast India. I come from the Chakma community. After becoming a monk in 2006 I stayed in a meditation center at Bangladesh learning Vipassana meditation under the tutelage of the renowned meditation teacher Ben. Tejabangsha Mahathera . In 2008 I returned to Mizoram to stay in a monastery in the town of Demagiri. I travelled offering discourses and continued my personal practise of meditation during the next few years. It was during this time that I began to form some of the observations that would shape my present plans. The Chakma ethnic group form a Buddhist community in Mizoram, and though many nurture great faith and devotion towards Buddhism, very few have had the opportunity to learn and practise meditation. I noticed the acute suffering, materially and physiologically of ordinary people with whom I came to contact and I witnessed that there is an immense need or necessity for people to have the chance to make real and lasting contact with living dhamma and to learn how to apply it in their daily lives. My Discourses managed to arose interest and enthusiasm in the hearers, but I felt sincerely that this was not enough. People require much more substantial knowledge and experience of Vipassana meditation, in order that their lives maybe truly transformed. With all of this in mind, I began searching around Mizoram for a suitable place where it might be possible to found a meditation center wherein anybody would be welcome to come and learn Vipassana. Finally I found a wonderful place about 18km far from Demagiri, Which I named Arjogiri Sugh. It comprises 16acres of land spread across lush jungle. It offers panoramic views of the beautiful surrounding mountainous terrain, and it's high altitude means that the climate remains always pleasant and cool; a perfect environment for meditation. After this land was donated to me I moved here in 2017 and have remained here since that time, living in a small Kuti (hut) where I practise Vipassana in solitude. My dream remains to found a meditation center that maybe available for the use of both the nearby community and indeed anyone else from far or wide who might desire to come and learn the dhamma. Unfortunately though the local population graciously donated this land to me they are largely unable to contribute financially. I feel more strongly than ever that the practical application of the Buddha's teaching, provides the best means of improving and uplifting the lives of individuals and the wider society life is often a struggle for many of the people of Mizoram, and we are afflicted by many difficulties and social problems particular to a poor, impoverished and predominantly uneducated locality. Taking all of this into consideration I would like to make a heartfelt appeal for any monetary donation large or small which may go towards the founding and construction of a meditation center. How will the fund be used? Any monetary donations are warmly welcomed and will be used only towards the upkeep and growth of the Ariyagiri Vipassana Foundation for the benefit of all meditators. My Contrivance is to develop Buddhism through Vipassana Meditation all over the Mizoram, India and all over the world. The projects made 1. to built a Large Buddha statue of 85ft height. 2. Pagoda of 120 ft, 3. Large Meditation Hall, for 1000 people 4. Bhikkhu Sangha Nivasa for, 500 monks 5. Shamanera Nivasa for 500 6. Upasaka Nivasa for 500 7. Upasika Nivasa for 500 8. Tipitaka Library 9. Buddha Vihara 10. Dhamma Hall 11. Dhamma training Hall, with separated room (like a dhamma school) to learn Buddhism. 12. Kitchen 13. Dining hall for Bhikkhu Sangha and Shamanera for 1000 14. Dining hall for Upasaka and Upasika for 1000 15. Resort Centre for tourist. 16. Parking Place. When do you need the funds by? We are accepting donation to built Aĺl the mentioned, we will try to built within 2030.
  • When do you need the funds by? We are accepting donation to built Aĺl the mentioned, we will try to built within 2030. So please help me to help the people to understand dharma and practice Vipassana Meditation. Donations can be made to the following bank account. Kiran Baran Chakma Ac/Number: 30926766458 SWIFT CODE: SBININBB477 IFSC CODE: SBIN0005819 STATE BANK OF INDIA, TLABUNG BRANCH Demagiri 796751 India. With Metta and Goodwill to all living beings. Yours In Dhamma Suman Jyoty Bhante President


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