Yoga Nidra (Yogic Sleep) and Music Meditation for Expecting Mothers

Pune, Maharashtra, India,410403

Every person nowadays expierences some sort of stress for tesion, the reason can be different but the results same, which we all know is bad for health and even we know its solution, but often we don't take stress thing seriously. Especially for expecting mothers for their good health doctors recommend doing yoga and meditation which is good for the mother and the child as well. There are several types of Yoga and meditation: Different Types of Yoga: -Vinyasa Yoga. ... -Hatha Yoga. ... -Ashtanga Yoga. ... -Power Yoga. ... -Restorative Yoga. ... -Prenatal Yoga. ... -Aerial Yoga. ... -Iyengar Yoga. ... -Acro Yoga. ...etc. Different types of Meditation: -Music meditation -mindfulness meditation. -spiritual meditation. -focused meditation. -movement meditation. -mantra meditation. -transcendental meditation. -progressive relaxation. -loving-kindness meditation. ...etc. One should know which type of yoga is preferred for which type... Especially for the expecting mothers, Mr. Vikas Srivastava, Motherhood Hospital, Pune, is organizing a free webinar. Do register and get the benefits...!

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