Studio23 Lifestyle Challenge

Mumbai , Maharashtra, India,

If you’re ready to get out of your own way and make this month the start of a new and healthy lifestyle where you feel your absolute best, Studio 23 to help you do just that has a 30-day wellness challenge for you.

Ready to be challenged?

Here’s what your next 30 days to better health look like. This 3rd edition, extremely popular and successful Lifestyle Challenge will have an expert panel of trainers who will guide you for daily programmed workouts.

Each session concentrates on one main aspect of fitness from Body Weight training, Strengthening, Flexibility & Mobility, High-Intensity Cardio to Core building, and even documents the daily steps are taken. Emphasis is placed strongly on deep rest and recovery through weekly guided meditative Yoga Nidra sessions. Participants can opt for up to five LIVE sessions with Instructors to get personal attention, correct their form, and discuss any areas of concern. Studio 23’s experienced nutritionist, suggests meal plans and hydration requirements for more effective results.

To improve your sleep and bedtime, specialists offer Sleep Hygiene guidelines which includes advice on blue light exposure before bed and more. Most importantly the challenge includes weekly guided meditations to destress, relax and refresh our mind, as mental well-being is paramount for a healthy lifestyle.

The Workshop Includes:

Day 1 - Strength and Conditioning

Day 2 - Mobility

Day 3 - Strength and Conditioning

Day 4 - Mobility

Day 5 - Strength and Conditioning

Day 6 - Mobility and Meditation

Day 7 - Rest & Recovery

Day 8 - Strength and Conditioning

Day 9 - Mobility and Flexibility

Day 10 - Strength and Conditioning

Day 11 - Mobility and Flexibility

Day 12 - Strength and Conditioning

Day 13 - Mobility and Flexibility

Day 15 - Strength and Conditioning

Day 16 - Mobility and Flexibility

Day 17 - Strength and Conditioning

Day 18 - Mobility and Flexibility

Day 19 - Strength and Conditioning

Day 20 - Mobility and Flexibility Register Today...!

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