Indian Style 15 Days Meditation Workshop

Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India,249192

The Indian Meditation Technique is considered as one of the finest Meditation Techniques. Real Happiness offers the course and retreats focused on self-realization and awareness which helps to balance between mind and heart, harmonize the soul, enhance life quality, and much more with the Indian meditation technique. Begin your Meditation journey with the 150 Hours Meditation Course designed for beginners in Rishikesh, India, a 2 Weeks Program (14 Nights/15 Days). For the one who has just stepped into meditation and spirituality, this course will take you to a new level of satisfaction through your own efforts and practices. This Short Term Meditation Course is among the best Meditation Programs in India, Rishikesh inspires you to take a moment out of your hectic schedule and connect to your inner self under the influence of nature. It encourages you with the opportunity to explore your true inner self. We follow a logical and scientific approach to every traditional meditation technique. This course guides you to unplug, decompress, and find peace and harmony in your life. The destination "India" is selected by thousands of travelers and students who regularly travel to India and the Himalayas and find the inner self and explore the spirituality here. Some of the Key Points of #Meditation Course in India are: 1. 8 hours per day Active Level Meditation 2. 5 hours per day Passive Level Meditation 3. Meditation on Kundalini - Understanding the Root 4. Mantra Chanting - Using Body as an Instrument 5. Vipassana Meditation Study and Practice 6. Chakra Meditation - Understanding the Chakras 7. Meditative Nidra - Shayan - Sleep 8. Pranayama - Breathing Techniques Study 9. Visualization Meditation - Understanding the brain 10. Raj Yoga Study and Practice 11. Srimad Bhagavad Gita Philosophy Study 12. Teaching Methodology - How to organize Programs 13. Mindfulness Meditation Study and Practice 14. Introduction and Biography of Great Indian Sages 15. Shatkarma - Body Cleansing Techniques 16. Natural healing study and practice

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