Illumin8 2019: Festival of Light and Peace Day 2

Victoria, Victoria, Australia,3556

  • Inspired by Buddha’s life this festival commemorates the birth, enlightenment and passing of Buddha.
  • This event remembers peace and harmony taught by Gautam Buddha.
  • You can experience special light installations, multicultural shows and concerts, cuisine and market booths, family amusement and a remarkable lively &vibrant fireworks  and light show on The Great Stupa.
  • You can immerse yourself with various activities. Stroll around the Peace Park and interact with different light statues, be astounded by the on-stage shows and recitals, take a selfie shot, experience delightful vegetarian and vegan food, participate in activities with the kids in the family zone and look around the market.
  • Most important part of festival on Friday and Saturday nights; an mind-blowing light projection on The Great Stupa conveying the story of Buddha’s life, with an amazing fireworks towards end of show.

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