Buddhist Pilgrimage Places

Sarnath, Bodh Gaya , Sujata Mahal, Dungeshwari Cave, Rajgiri, Nalanda , Huan Sung Budhavihar, Vaishali Keshria Budhastup,, kushinara, Nepal Lumbini, , Kapilvastu, Shravasti , Lukhnow., Uttar Pradesh, India,

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Budhas life journey Lumbini where Budha Born Bodh Gaya where getting Buddhatav Rajgir where Budha spent his years of time Khushinara is Budha's Mahaprinirvan Place 11Night 12 Days Inclusion Accomodation Guest house Non-ac, with 3 or 4 sharing Trasportation AC 2x2 Bus, Break fast, Luch Dinner, Meal plan as per schedule Exclusion from mumbai to Patna or as per rout destination Train ticket AC 3Tier As per actual

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