Competition for budding artists and photographers to rediscover ancient Buddhist monuments.

Brought to you by Unexplored Buddhist Monuments (UBM)

  • Each participant is allowed to upload multiple entries
  • Numbers of likes and number of photograph/painting submissions will be one of the determinants of score.
  • Photo submitted must be within 2MB
  • Photos must not be less than 640 pixels and no more than 2000 pixels
  • Sketches submitted needs to be hand drawn and then scanned and thereafter uploaded
  • No copyright mark allowed.
  • Paintings of stretches can be developed by various media, including watercolors, oil painting, pencil sketches and mixed media.
  • Each entry must have a caption that illustrates the story. limit: 125 characters max.
  • Describe the submission that illustrates the story.
  • Leaderboard announcement

    The competition is held on a monthly basis and a monthly leaderboard will hold names for the respective month’s winners will be up on the website by the end of a calendar month. Guidance

  • Sharing submission on participants' social media channels is encouraged.
  • ● Number of likes and social shares on social media helps to boost your score however the platform is not affiliated with UBM in any way for the contest.



Theme:Buddhist Monuments amund thc World inclusive of Stu, Pagoda, Chaitya, Buddha Temple, Caves, rick edicts, pillars, monastery ctc Buddhist culture and art forms like paintings, thangka etc

Entry Fee: Free lincxplorcd Buddhist Monuments (UBM) is inviting photographers to participate in thc ongoing monthly competition for highlighting Buddhist Monuments amund the world. Entries are also accepted fmm painters giving life to Buddhist monuments and heritage sites amund the world with anistic pmwess. Photo or,ainting uscd for submissions must he an original art/capture of thc participant.

Prize: There is no prize money to he offered by 'ORM.. aware of anybody claiming any money fees/ charges for entry Cam or prize Eligibility A, age gmup Both pmfessionals and amateurs am invited to take part in thc competition.

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