About Us


o To provide a unique platform to visitor to share unique experience and thoughts and applying them for betterment of living kind

o To provide comprehensive knowledge and resources about monuments related to Buddhism

o To bring ancient and modern Buddhist beliefs and concepts together at one place

o To digitally excavate Ashokan monument


  • Participation
  •  Collaboration
  •  Trust
  •  Commitment
  •  Quality
  •  Excellence

About Us

The thought of uniting likeminded people from among any corner of the globe to propagate peace, love and tranquility inspired us to commence a forum here. We are confident that lovers of Tourism, Trekking, History, Art and Culture, Peace and Spirituality will find this place an ideal one to join together.

By clubbing together, these people get a chance to know more, discuss among and spread their experience of bliss to the world outside. Their ambition will get fulfilled by this forum of like-minded people, as lovers of peace and harmony. We are sure that this forum will achieve its objective, sooner than later.

Today we are doing that Service quietly, and invite everyone to join us in this noble endeavor.

Our Vision

Spread the message of Peace in the revered path of our ancestors, for feeling of oneness, among people of different countries, cultures and traditions. We know this Goal can be achieved and we will strive hard to accomplish this.

Our Mission

Setting our Vision clearly, we march ahead with determination and devotion. We enroll like-minded people as Members, and educate them through mingling with one another. Visiting unexplored Monuments, participating in Events, exchanging view-points among Members and spreading the values of Peaceful life all over the world – are representing our activities today.